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KuWFi is Focus on designing and manufacturing manufacture and sale of Network Products, wireless audio and Bluetooth audio ,and such as Wireless USB Adapters, Wifi adapter, , Wireless Network Cards, High power Wireless Routers, 4G Routers, and outdoor wireless CPE. KuWFi Focus on indoor WiFi network system and outdoor WiFi network system.Solving family coverage and WiFi monitoring for home and business users. Customer Service 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee for any reason For 30 days after the date of purchase, return your undamaged KuWFi product and receive a full refund for ANY reason. 12-month warranty for quality-related issues For 12 months after the date of purchase, we take care of all quality-related issues with a REPLACEMENT OR FULL REFUND. Reminder: Be sure to use your product as directed. Free User Technical Support Not sure how to get your KuWFI product to work properly? Contact us with friendly support team for quick solutions. Support E-mail:
As the technology develoment, more and more filed aks for long range data transmission ,such as romote sites,mines, cocks,scenic areas,turnels,highways ,monitoring in the forest file,environment, but as far away from city ,too expersive and difficult to deploy the wired network , so many people prefer to use the long range outdoor CPE to solve the problem , it reduce the installation cost ,provide multiple network access then amke the long range PTP andPTMP connection more convenient.
Requirement analysis Meet with liong range wireless data transmission request,provide strong WI-FI signal with water-proof,dust-proof and lightning protection function,outdoor CPE work in harsh outdoor environment to suuply stable wireless signal support POE flexible to deploy it in the place even no power socket near by . suppot centralized management and configuration ,working status real time monitoring easy openration
2.4G outdoor CPE Wlan outdoor Economic Application 1.CPE70R 2.4G 300Mbps outdoor CPE (one Pair) 2. 6 port POE Switch 3. 4G lte router CPE810
1. Connect oudoor CPE70R with NVR,config the CPE70R outdoor CPE SHOW H CPE and link DVR with Monitoring PC and the CPE connect the 4G Lte SIM Card Router. 2. Connect the IP camera to POE switch ,then KuWFi CPE70R outdoor CPE show LED C CPE connect with POE Switch, set these two outdoor CPE as WDS mode , no need log in web UI setup
Multiple camera 1.Connect oudoor CPE with NVR with Monitoring PC, config the CPE70R outdoor CPE SHOW H CPE and link NVR with Monitoring PC . 2. Connect the CPE70R outdoor CPE SHOW C CPE connect to each IP camera .

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